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The Baxsaa Co.
Terms & Conditions

1. Payment Protocols:
All financial transactions for goods and services offered by The Baxsa Co. necessitate a 100% advance payment. This upfront payment ensures the commitment to the order and is required before dispatching the final product order to the customer
2. Definition of Business Days:
For all operational and delivery considerations, the term "business days" exclusively signifies weekdays, starting from Monday to Friday. It systematically excludes public holidays, in line with the official calendar recognized by the Republic of India.
3. Operating Timings 
The Baxsa Co.'s official operating hours are from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. All communications, transactions, and other business activities will be conducted within these hours.
3. Graphic Design Provisions:
To maintain the highest quality in our products, customers must furnish their specific logo or any other requisite graphic design in a high-resolution CDR format or another professionally recognized high-quality format. The integrity and clarity of the design are the responsibility of the customer, and The Baxsa Co. shall not be held accountable for print inaccuracies arising from sub-standard graphics provided.
4. Taxation Compliance:
Each transaction made with The Baxsaa Co. is subject to GST and relevant taxes, adhering strictly to the Indian taxation statutes. Customers aiming to avail of the GST credit must proactively share their unique GST Number. Transactions lacking this specific number will be automatically categorized and documented under B2C.

6. Jurisdiction:
For any disputes, controversies, or legal matters arising out of or in connection with the use of The Baxsa Co.'s services or products, the courts of Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
5. Privacy Assurance:
At The Baxsa Co., safeguarding the personal and transactional data of our customers is paramount. Our comprehensive Privacy Policy meticulously outlines our stance and procedures on data collection, processing, and protection. All users are encouraged to acquaint themselves with this policy available at: [Insert The Baxsaa Co.'s Privacy Policy Link].
6. Delivery Fee Structure:
While the pricing of our final products includes delivery or courier charges, customers should be aware that they might be responsible for any additional taxes, import duties, or related charges that might accrue during the shipping process.

7. Force Majeure Clause:
The Baxsa Co. shall not bear responsibility for any order delays, interruptions, or failures stemming from unpredictable external events that are beyond our control. This includes but is not limited to occurrences such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, strikes, civil unrest, or other significant disturbances that hinder standard operational flow.
8. Delivery Dynamics:
While we strive for punctuality, order delivery timelines can fluctuate based on several factors including but not limited to order volume, product specificity, and the geographical intricacies of the delivery location. As a standard, a window of a minimum of 7 working days is necessitated for the comprehensive completion and dispatch of orders.

9. Jurisdiction and Web Usage Guidelines:
Engaging with our website and availing our services constitutes an implicit agreement to adhere to these established Terms and Conditions. While The Baxsa Co. retains the right to periodically modify, enhance, or revise these T&C, continuous engagement with our website post any such changes implies user acknowledgement and acceptance of the amended terms.

10. Reporting Product Anomalies:
Should there be instances of product damage, discrepancies, or missing items, it is imperative that customers report these issues within a stringent 48-hour window post-delivery. This timely reporting ensures effective resolution. Any order placed automatically signifies the customer's endorsement of our Refund & Return Policy.

11. Product Classification:
Within these terms, the term "Products" refers to the diverse range of packaging items and associated services curated, designed, and offered for sale by The Baxsa Co.

12. Ongoing Validity of Terms:
These terms and conditions hold unwavering validity and encapsulate the full mutual agreement between The Baxsa Co. and the user. The company, however, reserves the prerogative to update, modify, or replace these terms as operational and legal requirements evolve. Such amendments will be transparently updated on our digital platforms, and consistent engagement after these updates constitutes user acceptance of any changes.
13. Operational Calendar: 
Please note that The Baxsa Co. adheres to a calendar that recognizes all Sundays, as well as official and statutory holidays declared by the Government of India, as non-working days. As such, order processing or other operational activities will not be conducted on these specified days.

While placing the order, you are agreeing to the company T&C, Shipping Policy, Privacy Policy, Cancellation & Refund Policy.  Refer to FAQ in case of clarification is required.
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