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Frequently Asked

  • What is a rigid box?
    A rigid box is a sturdy, premium box typically made from cardboard wrapped in decorative paper or other materials. They offer a more upscale presentation compared to regular cardboard boxes.
  • Do I need a custom rigid box?
    You might consider a custom rigid box if: Your product is high-end or fragile and needs extra protection. You want packaging that reflects your brand image and creates a positive first impression. You need a specific size or shape for your product.
  • Are custom rigid boxes more expensive?
    Generally, yes. Customization adds to the cost. However, they can enhance your brand perception and potentially increase sales.
  • What can I customize on a rigid box?
    You can customize the size, shape, material (paperboard, wood, etc.), printing (logos, graphics), inserts (foam, dividers), and finishing touches (ribbons, laminates).
  • What are the benefits of customizing rigid boxes?
    Customization allows for a perfect fit for your product, enhances brand identity, and creates a more luxurious presentation.
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